Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Story by Sabrina Palladino
All art & design by Me

Titmouse Inc.,Team Hotwheels Concept Samples

Titmouse, Inc. illustration sample submission for one of their new tv projects: Team Hotwheels. This is of a giant mutant hamster.

Titmouse wanted a civilian design and I gave them two. One is of a girl who is a babysitter/dog walker and the other is the neighborhood fireman.

This is a turnaround of the main character Gage. I was provided with an original image and had to complete the turnaround in the house style. The character Gage is copyright to his respective owners. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Party Time!!

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West // Fancomic/ Birthright
For Em.
The lineart in all its glory!
Also today is my birthday
and as a tradition, every year, I post something special to mark the occassion and as a present to myself I draw something. But this year, I get to give this gift to someone special  :)
Enjoy! There's still more! lol
And thank you everyone for all the bday wishes!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

G.I. Joe #12 Cobra Commander!!! And HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!


Last year, I got the chance to work with Paul Allor on a really cool issue of G.I. Joe for IDW.
 The story follows a man named Charles Pyke, a newcomer to the Cobra front who is brought to Cobra Island in the 1960's. There he meets a rather unusual and unconventional Cobra Commander. Designing a new Cobra Commander for this story was an amazing opportunity and even more amazing that it's now part of IDW/G.I. Joe/Cobra continuity!
G.I. Joe# 12 came out on New Year's Eve so go pick up a copy when you get a chance!!
Really great interview with Paul Allor and my name was mentioned in USA Today!!
Check out this nice review from Justin over at Generals Joes!:

GREENWOOD Character Designs


Character designs for Sabrina Palladino's story "Greenwood."

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Marvel NOW! Sketch Cards

Marvel NOW! AP Sketch Cards are for sale.
For inquiries email me: NVIRELLA@GMAIL.COM
All card sets below are repackaged by Upper Deck and sold in card packs.
My Twitter: niK_IT

Saturday, December 14, 2013

G.I. # 12!!! - *Message approved by COBRA

Forgot Cobra Commander's jam:
So big update news: Issue of G.I. Joe (G.I. Joe #12) I worked on is coming out January 2014! All stories are written by Paul Allor and focus on the origin of past Cobra Commanders. The story I worked is entitled The Gardener, which takes place on Cobra Island in the 1960's!
Also don't forget to check out Paul's interview on Newsarama, where you can also see a preview of one of my pages!!